Electric Vehicles From China Can Now Be Transported By Rail

(11 January, 2023)

As of October 1st, China Railway is now allowing the transportation of electric vehicles (EVs) throughout the country. This is a significant change, as EVs were previously considered ‘dangerous goods’ in the PRC and could not be transported by rail.

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Fire Aboard ‘The Midnight Sun’ - Revealing The Hazards Of RORO Shipping

(4 January, 2023)

In September 2022, a small fire broke out on the upper deck of the Midnight Sun, an Orca-class RORO ferry built in 2003, while moored in port in Tacoma, Washington (USA). While the crew put out the fire quickly and the vessel wasn't carrying any cargo at the time, the incident highlights an important safety hazard inherent to RORO vessels.

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How To Ship UN 3171-Classified Battery Powered Vehicles – What You Need to Know

(22 December, 2022)

At Trans Rak, our racking systems are used by automotive logistics companies to transport all sizes of vehicles – but now the big question is asked about shipping battery-powered vehicles in containers, since 1st October 2022 with the approval to ship EVs in container out of China the demand for racks and containers has grown.

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What Are Your Top Car Transportation Options?

(8 September, 2022)

The available options for transporting vehicles really depend upon the journey. The key variables are cost and time, and the potentials are: ship, train, barge, and road transporter. More often than not, a combination of these is required. In this post, the spotlight is directed at the process of getting a fleet of vehicles from manufacturer to showroom, exploring the options that are available.

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What Is The Best Way To Ship Your Car Consignment – RoRo Or Container Shipping?

(30 August, 2022)

Both roll-on-roll-off (RoRo) ferries and container ships have their plus points, but which is the better option for your consignment? In this article, we take a quick look at the benefits and drawbacks of each.

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How To Increase The Amount Of Vehicles You Can Transport With Storage Containers

(3 August, 2022)

Transporting vehicles via shipping container is the safest and often fastest way in which to move your vehicles over long distances.

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The Easy Way To Ship Cars Overseas Safely And On Time! 

(13 July, 2022)

Containerising cars is not a new concept and it has the great benefit of guaranteeing delivery from point A to point B more or less anywhere in the world.

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Shipping A Car – The 4 Point Checklist For Everything That You Need!

(29 June, 2022)

There are many points that you need to consider when shipping a car for your business, because each mistake that you make can result in a loss of value and affect your business in a negative manner.

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Car Racking Systems Vs Wood & String

(13 June, 2022)

You may be sitting right now thinking about how you’re going to ship this new batch of cars from the manufacturer to the dealership. There’s a long journey ahead for the cars and your job is to ensure the cars arrive safely, securely and in pristine condition.

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3 Common Issues When Transporting Cars Via Cheap Shipping Methods

(6 June, 2022)

When it comes to shipping luxury goods such as cars, it pays to get it right. Gone are the days when the only options were antiquated RoRo ferries. Today, suppliers can make use of streamlined and efficient containerised methods. Here, we take a look at the various options, and how they can be optimised.

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The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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