The Features Of The New P RAK System

(31 January, 2024)

P-Rak system set up and ready in a shipping container with a second mezzanine floor with a palletised cargo support system showing its features.

One of the landmark events for Trans-Rak in 2023 was the launch of our new P-RAK system, or palletised cargo racking system, the latest in our range of customisable vehicle and cargo storage solutions for containerised transport.

Based on the successful design of the R-RAK, which has become the industry standard for containerised cargo transport, the P-RAK addresses the need for secondary cargo to be stored alongside vehicles within a shipping container, by adding a second or third mezzanine floor for palletised goods storage.

Supported by a floor-to-ceiling support structure, the P-RAK creates ample room for cargo storage while maintaining a strong and stable racking infrastructure, eliminating the risk of goods shifting or coming loose in transit.

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Who is the P-RAK for?

The system is specifically intended for shipping large volumes of palletised goods that cannot be stacked safely on top of each other for various reasons, such as the potential for crushing or damage, helping to maximise space utilisation and ensuring the safety of goods during transport.

For customers in the automotive logistics sector, this can include a variety of car accessories, such as disconnected electric batteries and other components, and the P-RAK can be used together with other Trans-Rak products for even greater efficiency and cost effectiveness. While the P-RAK was initially designed with automotive customers in mind, the system can be used effectively by any containerised cargo transport business, whether or not vehicles are included in the consignment.


  • Customisable cargo support system that fits any size of shipping container.

  • Quickly load multiple pallets and boxes onto a single P-RAK platform, maximising vertical space utilisation in your containers.

  • Fast loading mechanism for quick turnaround.

  • Multiple P-RAKS can be combined to create a second or even third mezzanine floor in the shipping container.

  • Wheels on the P-RAK loading platform enable the palletised stock to be quickly moved into position after unloading.

  • Based on our intuitive R-RAK platform, using the same proven technology for guaranteed quality and a fast learning curve for users.

Find out more

To find out more about how our shipping container racking systems can help optimise costs and reduce the risk involved in containerised transport, please take a look at our free Containerised Car Transport Guide, which can be downloaded here.

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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