What Is A Car Racking System?

(6 May, 2022)

At Trans-Rak, we are the global market leaders for car racking systems, produced in association with our Chinese manufacturing partner Singamas. Our goal as a business is to make international car transport quicker, safer and more affordable. In this article we would like to get back to basics and describe what we mean by a car racking system, what the alternatives are and how our products differ from other car racking solutions.

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Why Is International Car Shipping So Expensive? (And What You Can Do To Lower Your Costs.)

(22 October, 2021)

Global events in 2020 created the perfect storm in the shipping industry, leading to rocketing costs in excess of 350%, as lockdowns crippled international trade, demand for goods from the Far East soared, and the Evergreen incident in the Suez Canal caused months of delays. With the cost of container shipping still high, businesses that need to ship cars overseas face financial meltdown if they can’t find a more cost-effective solution that maximises their use of container space.

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How Can Container Racking Reduce Your Overseas Car Shipping Costs?

(13 September, 2021)

Cutting overseas vehicle shipping costs can unlock new opportunities and ensure that companies thrive in even the harshest economic climates.

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DL-RAK Vs R-RAK – Which Car Storage Rack System Do You Need?

(9 September, 2021)

The engineered car storage rack systems pioneered by Trans-Rak offer an effective and sustainable alternative to temporary timber racking. Two of our most popular solutions are the R-RAK and the DL-RAK.

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What Is The Best Way To Transport Electric Cars To Europe From China?

(6 September, 2021)

2020 has seen Chinese car manufacturers XPeng (Xiaopeng Motors) starting to export their G3i electric SUV to Norway, with the first vehicles on the road in November.

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Shipping Cars From The USA To You

(30 August, 2021)

Whether it’s a one-off shipment or a major business initiative, shipping cars from the USA is always a vibrant area of trade. With the global automobile market opening its doors ever wider – and potentially more so after Brexit – the flow of vehicles is increasingly important.

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Fighting Back Against Covid: New Transport Options When RoRos Let You Down

(26 August, 2021)

Cancelled ferries, overbooking, routes changing at the last minute… Covid-19 has created stormy seas for the RoRo industry.

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ISPM 15 And The Problem With Wooden Racking

(23 August, 2021)

Everyone with experience in international containerised car shipping knows about the perils of wooden racking. Often sourced from the cheapest vendor, it frequently splits or cracks, damaging vehicles.

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How To Prepare Cars For Transport Overseas

(16 August, 2021)

When it comes to shipping a vehicle, car preparation is important. From the right documentation to getting there in one piece, here is a quick guide to smooth sailing.

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Fast China to Europe Vehicle Transport With Russian Rail

(9 August, 2021)

Stretching almost halfway around the Northern Hemisphere, Russia is a crucial land bridge between West and East. Both Russia and China understand the exciting potential of this, which is why both powerhouses are keen to optimise land transport infrastructure across the continent.

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The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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