What Is The Best Way To Ship Your Car Consignment – RoRo Or Container Shipping?

(27 July, 2021)

Both roll-on-roll-off (RoRo) ferries and container ships have their plus points, but which is the better option for your consignment? In this article, we take a quick look at the benefits and drawbacks of each.

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The Benefits Of An External Loading Container Racking System

(22 July, 2021)

Internal-loading shipping container racking systems such as the R-RAK are perfect for transporting most vehicles, but what about sports cars, vintage vehicles, and cars that can’t drive under their own power? In certain cases, it may not be possible to drive a car onto an internal loading racking system, or it may be too risky to do so.

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Save Money On Car Transport By Using Our Racking Solutions

(12 May, 2021)

It’s been a tough year for the shipping industry. Rocked by unpredictable container shortages, prices are high as providers grapple with lowered employee numbers and increased logistical headaches. This looks set to go on for a while, so what should we all be doing?

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How Multi Vehicle Racking Systems Save You Both Time And Money

(23 September, 2020)

Container shipping transport for cars is – in principle at least – as convenient for shipping vehicles around the world as it is for iPads, building supplies, and flat-pack furniture. Once driven into the container and secured, nothing else needs to be done until the disembarkation point. The sticking point is the cost of containerised car transport. With only a couple of vehicles fitting in each container, the cost of transport soon mounts up, making Ro-Ro a better option, despite the risks.

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5 Advantages Of Using Car Racking Systems In Shipping Containers

(2 September, 2020)

Increasing numbers of companies, private suppliers, and motorsport owners are rejecting antiquated roll-on-roll-off ferries for faster, safer, and more efficient containerised solutions. Times are definitely changing! Here are five of the ways that car racking systems have revolutionised the industry, and how you can benefit.

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Is It Reliable To Use A Steel Car Racking System?

(6 December, 2018)

There is a reason that we do not drive along the road and pass a car transporter constructed from wood. It is therefore one of life’s great curiosities that wood remains the primary material used for constructing vehicle frames inside containers. Today, we take a look at the mechanical and chemical properties of steel and wood, and explore their use in container vehicle transport.

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Autobox Successfully Trial EL-RAK For London-Auckland Vehicle Shipping

(6 September, 2018)

Are you familiar with the iconic R-RAK, but curious about the other racks that we offer? The EL-RAK is one of our favourites, and Autobox agree.

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Why We Offer A 3D Simulation Of Our Multi-Vehicle Racking Solutions

(14 December, 2017)

If you run an automotive business and need to transfer vehicles on a consistent basis by shipping container, you need effective vehicle racking solutions in place. To make container shipping economically viable, it is important to employ a reliable multi vehicle racking solution that can transport three or more cars within a single container. However, not all solutions are created equal, and there are different ways of using racking – some more cost effective than others.

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Finding The Best Automotive Racking System For Your Business

(6 December, 2017)

At Trans-Rak International, we offer the best automotive racking systems for putting cars in containers. There are other automotive container solutions available and it is important that you do your homework if you are looking to reduce your shipping costs. Always compare systems and choose the one that is best for your needs.

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Simple, Flexible And Multi-Purpose Automotive Racking Systems

(30 November, 2017)

Finished vehicle Logistics includes enough variables and complications without a container racking system being one of them. From feedback we have had from dozens of logistics professionals, the three things businesses look for in a racking system are simplicity, flexibility and reusability. In this article we would like to take the opportunity to explain how our racking solutions take all three requirements into account.

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The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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