Does RoRo Shipping Have The Speed Or Capacity To Get The Global Car Industry Moving Again?

(24 May, 2022)

The Covid 19 pandemic has had a massive impact on the global car manufacturing industry. With so many supply chains dependent on Chinese manufacturers, the sector was feeling the pinch as far back as January, before most of the world had even woken up to the threat posed by the virus. Since then, and especially over the past three months, shutdowns across Europe, India, the UK, and the USA have forced many factories to close or reduce production, and have played havoc with global transportation routes.

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Why Can’t Electric Cars Be Shipped By RoRo?

(18 March, 2022)

As the automotive industry makes the great shift to electric vehicles - or so the meteoric rise of Tesla and NIO in 2020 would have us believe - logistics businesses are finding themselves with a transportation headache. Traditional RoRo shipping simply doesn’t work for these vehicles, but why? And will it ever change?

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Sustainable Shipping Focus: Questions Raised About Arctic Shipping Routes

(16 February, 2022)


Although formally discovered in 1906, the search for the fabled Northwest Passage was finally ended not by human endurance, but climate change. In 2007, 101 years after it was first mapped, the famous arctic sea route was ice free and open to container traffic. However, should we really be using it for container shipping?

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How Are Large Commercial Car Consignments Transported By Sea?

(9 February, 2022)

In a globalised economy where manufacturers and final users are tens of thousands of miles apart, getting cars moved from origin to destination usually involves using several transportation options. In the automotive industry, it’s common to use a combination of sea, train, and road transport to get products from the factory to dealership.

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Shipping Damaged Cars: How To Save Cars Involved In Accidents

(9 February, 2022)

Whether trying to save a precious vehicle or shipping parts, damaged cars are important cargo. Here’s what you need to know!

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How To Ensure A Car Is Secure When Shipping In A Container

(12 October, 2021)


Are you an entrepreneur considering overseas car trading as a venture? Cars can be big business. The UK in particular has a rich transport heritage, with a strong market in the USA, Europe, India, and Asia. Whether the aim is to ship classic vehicles, top-end models, or everyday transport, these trade routes are bursting with opportunities.

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RORO Vs. Containerised Shipping: What Are The Pros & Cons Of Each Method?

(20 September, 2021)

There are two transportation methods to choose from when shipping vehicles around the globe using maritime freight: RORO (Roll On – Roll Off) and containerised shipping. Both methods have been in place for decades, which suggests that they work well to suit a variety of needs and situations. However, there are important differences between RORO and containerised shipping, as well as pros and cons associated with each method. Let’s take a brief look.

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What Is The Best Way To Transport Electric Cars To Europe From China?

(6 September, 2021)

2020 has seen Chinese car manufacturers XPeng (Xiaopeng Motors) starting to export their G3i electric SUV to Norway, with the first vehicles on the road in November.

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Transporting Electric And Hybrid Cars

(2 September, 2021)

The market for electric vehicles (EVs) is growing rapidly. As increasing numbers of cities consider bans on diesel, the pressure on the global industry to cater for EV transport is increasing.

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Fighting Back Against Covid: New Transport Options When RoRos Let You Down

(26 August, 2021)

Cancelled ferries, overbooking, routes changing at the last minute… Covid-19 has created stormy seas for the RoRo industry.

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