DL-RAK Tested for use in Non-Operating Reefers to replace wooden pallets

(20 April, 2022)

Non-Operating Reefers have specially designed metal floors with a "T-section" shape to control airflow when the refrigeration unit is in use. However, due to the delicate floor and reduced internal dimensions, they are often returned to source empty or only partially used. Until now, it has been very difficult to load vehicles into a NOR due to the reduced internal width making opening vehicle doors an impossibility. As the DL-RAK allows for loading vehicles without opening doors, cars could now be loaded utilising NORs, meaning that they would no longer be shipping thin air. This is not only beneficial for shippers as more containers can be used, but better for the environment as energy isn't wasted moving empty containers around the world.

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Vehicle Logistics Trends – 5 Year Forecast

(30 December, 2021)

“Semiconductor shortages, spiking container shipping rates, and the ‘everything shortage’…” The Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Global Live 2021 opened in Detroit with some sombre observations. Despite this, the overall mood among global car transport companies is one of optimism. As an industry faced with the overwhelming pressures of global upheaval, uncertainty, and supply chain chaos, vehicle logistics have demonstrated outstanding resilience. Here are a few glimpses of the silver lining!

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EL-RAK, R-RAK, or DL-RAK – Which Steel Racking System Do I Need?

(23 December, 2021)

With their space optimisation design, enhanced safety features, and extended usability, steel racking systems are the go-to option for containerised vehicle logistics. Although all our racks are defined by their versatility, using the right equipment for the specific need can improve efficiency and returns. Here’s an easy-read guide to our main products.

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5 Technologies That Are Making Container Shipping More Sustainable

(16 December, 2021)

Container shipping and sustainability have had a fractious relationship. However, containerised transport is also seen as an answer to the carbon problem, and new technologies are injecting possibilities into an increasingly vital sector. Here are 5 developments that are making waves in the waters of sustainability.

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How Many R-RAKs Do I Need To Ship 1000 Vehicles?

(9 December, 2021)

Container ships are the fastest and safest way to move goods across the world in bulk, but when each container is roughly the size of a garage, how can you make the process financially viable for vehicles? This article tells you everything you need to know!

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Is There An African Market For UK Vehicles?

(30 September, 2021)

With Africa becoming more prosperous, the future of British exports appears healthy: yet, at present, the continent only accounts for 2.5% of the UK’s overseas trade. Nigeria and South Africa – the two largest economies in Africa – comprise nearly two-thirds of current UK-Africa trade but, with the post-Brexit landscape still evolving and shipping routes to Africa improving, the opportunities for automotive businesses is promising.

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Is There A Supply Chain Problem For Hybrid Vehicles?

(24 September, 2021)

We’re told that they’re driving us towards a greener future, but if, as a vehicle transportation specialist, you’re currently finding the hybrid vehicle journey a bumpy one, you’re not alone. Read on for our take on the current electric vehicle (EV) supply chain issue.  

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Case Study: Our Work With Leading F1 Motorsport Companies

(14 September, 2021)

Shipping a valuable, precision-designed F1 race car across the world over the course of a Formula One season is no mean feat. Every risk must be identified and eliminated so the model arrives at its destination on-time and in pristine condition, so it’s an honour that Trans-Rak has been entrusted to design a specially modified R-RAK car racking system to transport these priceless vehicles for a leading F1 competitor.

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What is China's Silk Road Initiative and How Will it Change Containerised Car Transport?

(16 April, 2021)

By the one-hundredth anniversary of the People’s Republic in 2049, China hopes to have completed the world's first seamless transcontinental cargo transportation network. Commonly referred to as the ‘new Silk Road’, after the famous medieval caravan route, road, rail, and sea routes will join together to ship freight and vehicles between Chinese manufacturers and markets in Europe, and vice versa.

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What Does China’s Belt And Road Initiative Mean For Containerised Shipping?

(28 July, 2020)


Are you curious about how the ‘belt and road’ initiative will affect your business? The landscape of global infrastructure is changing, so this important momentum is changing the dynamics for everyone. Here’s what you need to know.

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