What is China's Silk Road Initiative and How Will it Change Containerised Car Transport?

(16 April, 2021)

By the one-hundredth anniversary of the People’s Republic in 2049, China hopes to have completed the world's first seamless transcontinental cargo transportation network. Commonly referred to as the ‘new Silk Road’, after the famous medieval caravan route, road, rail, and sea routes will join together to ship freight and vehicles between Chinese manufacturers and markets in Europe, and vice versa.

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What Does China’s Belt And Road Initiative Mean For Containerised Shipping?

(28 July, 2020)


Are you curious about how the ‘belt and road’ initiative will affect your business? The landscape of global infrastructure is changing, so this important momentum is changing the dynamics for everyone. Here’s what you need to know.

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DL-RAK Tested for use in Non-Operating Reefers to replace wooden pallets

(31 August, 2017)

Non-Operating Reefers have specially designed metal floors with a "T-section" shape to control airflow when the refrigeration unit is in use. However, due to the delicate floor and reduced internal dimensions, they are often returned to source empty or only partially used. Until now, it has been very difficult to load vehicles into a NOR due to the reduced internal width making opening vehicle doors an impossibility. As the DL-RAK allows for loading vehicles without opening doors, cars could now be loaded utilising NORs, meaning that they would no longer be shipping thin air. This is not only beneficial for shippers as more containers can be used, but better for the environment as energy isn't wasted moving empty containers around the world.

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Trans-Rak support new operator ShipMyCar

(13 June, 2017)

ShipMyCar have been shipping vehicles to and from their warehouse in Milton Keynes for a number of years and from that experience have gained recognition as one of the leading vehicle import/exporters in the United Kingdom. The R-RAK will help them to expand their business to the next level by increasing the efficiency of their loading and eradicating damages. Today, Trans-Rak provided them with personnel and equipment support in order to unload the first of many containers heading to them from Pangaea Logistics Group. 4 different vehicles were loaded by Pangaea into a 40ftHC container and then shipped from Dubai to the UK with additional 40 and 45ft containers to follow later in the week.

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3 Volvo XC90 fitted into a 40ft container

(24 January, 2017)

This week, a number of Volvo vehicles were loaded into containers using the R-RAK and DL-RAK. Because of the width of the Volvo XC90, the DL-RAK was used, meaning that no loaders had to open the driverside door or pass alongside the vehicle when in the container. Also, because the Volvo XC90 is such a large vehicle, the efficiency of the R-RAK was highlighted. The Trans-Rak system is the only product available which can fit 3 XC90 into a 40ft High Cube container, making containerisation much more competitive than loading 2 vehicles per container, as has been done previously.

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Successful unloading of wide BMW vehicles in China

(6 January, 2017)

Last month, a number of containers were stuffed with BMW 1-Series and 7-Series in Europe headed for China. The BMW 7-Series LWB (Long Wheel Base) is a wide vehicle and opening doors inside a container makes loading difficult for operators. Because of this, the new DL-RAK was used in conjunction with the R-RAK, allowing for Driverless Loading. The vehicles were successfully unstuffed and has proven the effectiveness of the DL-RAK.

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Trans-Rak features in industry publications

(4 January, 2017)

As more and more companies look to Trans-Rak for putting cars in containers because of our product's ability to reduce costs and handling of vehicles, it is natural that the leading logistics publications increase their coverage of this field.

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DL-RAKs load wide BMW vehicles into containers for worldwide distribution

(6 December, 2016)

The new DL-RAK has been used to load wide BMW 7-series into a container during December. Using Trans-Rak equipment, the vehicles were loaded without the need for a driver to open a car door or for any loaders to pass along the side of the vehicle during the securing process. This means that the possibility of damaging a vehicle has gone from highly unlikely to zero!

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R-RAK developments featured in World Cargo News

(17 October, 2016)

The R-RAK, software development, DL-RAK and the R-RAK Pallet-Wide are all featured in the September 2016 issue of the Journal of the International Cargo Industry.

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New Software Gets More Cars in Containers

(14 September, 2016)

Working out how many cars you can fit into a standard 40ft HC container is no longer a manual exercise thanks to new software developed by WMG at Warwick University in conjunction with vehicle racking experts Trans-Rak International.

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