EL-RAK, R-RAK, or DL-RAK – Which Steel Racking System Do I Need?

(23 December, 2021)

With their space optimisation design, enhanced safety features, and extended usability, steel racking systems are the go-to option for containerised vehicle logistics. Although all our racks are defined by their versatility, using the right equipment for the specific need can improve efficiency and returns. Here’s an easy-read guide to our main products.

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How Many R-RAKs Do I Need To Ship 1000 Vehicles?

(9 December, 2021)

Container ships are the fastest and safest way to move goods across the world in bulk, but when each container is roughly the size of a garage, how can you make the process financially viable for vehicles? This article tells you everything you need to know!

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Wood Vs Metal Racking: Why Metal Is A More Cost-Effective Option

(11 November, 2021)

High shipping costs are not the only consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. The cost of consumables and construction materials has also soared, with prices of wood, in particular, reaching exorbitant levels. Since the start of the pandemic, wood prices have skyrocketed – with some metrics suggesting increases of up to 700% - in part because disruption to supply chains has meant a significant shortfall in available resources.

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How To Ensure A Car Is Secure When Shipping In A Container

(12 October, 2021)


Are you an entrepreneur considering overseas car trading as a venture? Cars can be big business. The UK in particular has a rich transport heritage, with a strong market in the USA, Europe, India, and Asia. Whether the aim is to ship classic vehicles, top-end models, or everyday transport, these trade routes are bursting with opportunities.

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How Car Racking Systems Offer Versatility In Shipping Mixed Consignments Of Cars

(16 September, 2021)

When businesses ship cars overseas using container shipping, a common question is: how many vehicles can be fitted into a single container? With container prices rising, it is clearly advantageous to use as much space as possible in each container to avoid unnecessarily high fees.

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DL-RAK Vs R-RAK – Which Car Storage Rack System Do You Need?

(9 September, 2021)

The engineered car storage rack systems pioneered by Trans-Rak offer an effective and sustainable alternative to temporary timber racking. Two of our most popular solutions are the R-RAK and the DL-RAK.

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How To Secure A Vehicle Inside A Shipping Container

(19 August, 2021)

Our Trans-Rak vehicle racking systems, such as the EL-RAK and the R-RAK, make container shipping an economical and sustainable choice for transporting vehicles.

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Why Maximising The Number Of Cars And Return Racks Is Important In Containerised Shipping

(29 July, 2021)

With container prices high following a surge in demand for shipping in 2020, maximising the available space when transporting cars is vital to reduce your shipping costs.

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Can You Ship Six Cars Inside a 40 ft. Shipping Container?

(23 July, 2021)

Usually, no. 40 ft. gauged steel shipping containers are a great, versatile solution to keeping your vehicles safe and secure while in transit on the road, railways, and the high seas.

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Can You Drive Cars Into A Shipping Container When Using An R-Rak?

(5 May, 2021)

High-quality, reliable, and with excellent ROI, steel transportation racks have opened up exciting possibilities for the automotive industry. But what exactly are they, and how do they work?

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The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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