Maximising Space And Cost Efficiency With Trans-Rak's Vehicle Racking Systems

(29 February, 2024)

Trans-Rak Vehicle Racking System in place with 2 cars maximising space and cost efficiency in a shipping container with a multi car transport system.

When it comes to international containerised car transport, maximising space, reducing time expenditure, and optimising labour are key factors in reducing overheads and sustaining profitable supply chains. This is where our range of innovative vehicle racking systems can make a real difference.In this article, we’ll explore how Trans-Rak’s reusable vehicle racking solutions can help you boost space utilisation and cost efficiency when shipping finished vehicles overseas.




1. Maximising Space Utilisation In Shipping Containers

Our vehicle racking systems, such as the EL-RAK and R-RAK, are designed to maximise the availability of vertical space within a shipping container, which often goes to waste with other racking solutions. By stacking vehicles efficiently and safely, our racking enables a more efficient use of space within each container, allowing more vehicles and/or goods to be shipped and thereby reducing costs.

2. Reduced Labour And Time Requirements

Each of our racking systems is designed to simplify the loading and unloading of vehicles in and out of containers, reducing the amount of time and labour required to embark and disembark vehicles at port side. This not only saves time and money in personnel costs but also reduces the risk of accidental damage to vehicles through unnecessary handling.

3. Secure And Stable Storage

The security and stability provided by our racking systems minimises the risk of damage or accidents occurring to your cargo during transportation. Vehicle mishandling and insecure racking can result in cars moving around during transit, incurring damage, and causing damage to other vehicles. This can increase the cost of logistics due to repairs and insurance claims, affecting the profitability and reputation of your business. By containing and mitigating this risk, our car storage racking systems provide peace of mind to both transport businesses and their clients.

4. Long-Term Durability

Trans-Rak’s vehicle racking systems are engineered to withstand the rigours of vehicle transportation over long distances, ensuring their long-term durability and reliability. This reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements to your racking investment, yielding a good ROI and even more cost savings over time. Each system can be extensively adjusted to meet the varying needs of different types of vehicles and logistics operations, providing a perfectly fitted solution for each client.

Discover The Benefits Of Our El-Rak System

Our External Loading racking system ‘EL-RAK’ is our most versatile multi-vehicle transport system for containerised car transport, allowing vehicles to be loaded onto the racking externally before being manoeuvred into place. The EL-RAK is a lightweight racking system designed to fit all shipping container sizes and makes and models of vehicles. 

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