Is Container Shipping Too Risky For Classic Cars?

(20 January, 2022)

Classic, race, high-performance, and veteran cars are hot commodities in the field of international car transport. So, shipping them across the world in containers has its risks and challenges. As they are vehicles of historical interest and high technological or nostalgic value, customers often worry that they're not suitable for container shipping. Thankfully, Trans-Rak has developed a range of racking solutions to address these concerns.

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How To Load 4 Cars In A Container Using The EL-RAK

(11 January, 2022)

An EL-RAK is one of the quickest and easiest ways to securely load up to four vehicles into a container. Here is a quick guide to how it’s done.

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How To Reduce Handling Time with Your International Car Shipments

(6 January, 2022)

The international car shipping sector is rife with misconceptions. For instance, many uphold the view that RORO is the gold standard for cautious and efficient vehicle transportation across continents. This may have once been the case, yet much has changed in the world of car transport, and there are innovations in this field that could easily outshine the RORO model, if given the chance. Trans-Rak's container racking systems are a clear example of the benefits of container shipping for cars, in terms of handling and safety.

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5 Technologies That Are Making Container Shipping More Sustainable

(16 December, 2021)

Container shipping and sustainability have had a fractious relationship. However, containerised transport is also seen as an answer to the carbon problem, and new technologies are injecting possibilities into an increasingly vital sector. Here are 5 developments that are making waves in the waters of sustainability.

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3 Reasons Container Ships Are The Future Of Vehicle Transportation

(10 December, 2021)

The consumer car and vehicle industry is globalised to a high degree. Vehicles from Korea, Japan, and China are frequently sold in dealerships in the UK, the USA, and South America, while British-made Range Rovers and German-made Audis are frequently seen on the streets of Tokyo, Singapore, and Adelaide.

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5 Benefits Of Transporting Cars In Containers

(8 December, 2021)

The logistics provider you’re currently using are likely providing your company with plenty of benefits, not the least of which is having a specialist to handle all of the challenges involved with moving your vehicles. Indeed, your logistics providers may be saving your company a lot of time and money. However, are they keeping you as close to your product as you wish to be, and allowing you to have the control you want over the delivery process?

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Is An End In Sight To The Global Container Shortage?

(18 November, 2021)


Nothing has laid bare the need for demand forecasting quite like the recent global shipping container shortage. With consumers given no option but to shop online, and ports around the world subject to border closures, Covid blindsided global supply chains like a rogue wave. As the world slowly emerges blinking from the pandemic, is there an end in sight to the global container shortage?

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How To Reduce Car Container Shipping Costs

(2 November, 2021)

Container shipping for cars is an attractive alternative to RoRo because it reduces the amount of handling and transfers needed throughout a journey. Container shipping costs are therefore lower in terms of damaged stock. However, shipping containers come with a serious capacity issue – they can only transport two or maybe three vehicles at a time. This can add up to higher per unit costs compared with RoRo, which is why container shipping isn’t extensively used in automotive logistics.

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Are Container Ships For Car Transport The Most Eco-Friendly Option?

(14 October, 2021)

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the carbon footprints of their supply chains. This is a challenge for car manufacturers and sellers, as vehicle manufacturing is a truly global enterprise. Shipping is one of the biggest global contributors to CO2 and NO2 emissions. Is there a way of transporting a fleet of cars responsibly?

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Is There A Supply Chain Problem For Hybrid Vehicles?

(24 September, 2021)

We’re told that they’re driving us towards a greener future, but if, as a vehicle transportation specialist, you’re currently finding the hybrid vehicle journey a bumpy one, you’re not alone. Read on for our take on the current electric vehicle (EV) supply chain issue.  

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The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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