Cars In Containers - A Way Of Ensuring Safe, Secure Auto Transport

(8 June, 2017)

Containerising automobiles for long distance shipping isn't a brand new idea, but the system that we have created makes it more economical and risk free than ever before. While RORO shipping is still the industry standard, our racking system has many advantages for the bulk shipping of cars. In addition to creating many options for flexible shipping routes, shipping cars in containers is far safer than RORO shipping – so long as you use the appropriate racking solution.

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How To Reduce Car Container Shipping Costs

(18 April, 2017)

Container shipping for cars is an attractive alternative to RoRo because it reduces the amount of handling and transfers needed throughout a journey. Container shipping costs are therefore lower in terms of damaged stock. However, shipping containers come with a serious capacity issue – they can only transport two or maybe three vehicles at a time. This can add up to higher per unit costs compared with RoRo, which is why container shipping isn’t extensively used in automotive logistics.

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5 Benefits Of Transporting Cars In Containers

(29 March, 2017)

The logistics provider you’re currently using are likely providing your company with plenty of benefits, not the least of which is having a specialist to handle all of the challenges involved with moving your vehicles. Indeed, your logistics providers may be saving your company a lot of time and money. However, are they keeping you as close to your product as you wish to be, and allowing you to have the control you want over the delivery process?

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The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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