5 Common Myths About Transporting Vehicles By Container

(10 May, 2022)

Have you ever wondered why you are forced to use Roll-on-Roll-off ferries for car transportation when the rest of the world uses containers? You’re not alone. More myths abound regarding the containerised transport of vehicles than any other form of freight transport.

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The Benefits Of Using Car Racking Systems For Your Shipping Business

(10 May, 2022)

For international logistics and automotive shipping companies, transportation options have for a long time been limited. Containerisation is the dominant means of international freight generally, but it has been harder to implement for vehicles, whether for new products or end of life transit. However, the introduction of the R-RAK reusable automotive racking system has allowed efficient and cost-effective transport of vehicles for both the consumer market and scrappage.

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Is Container Shipping Too Risky For Classic Cars?

(30 March, 2022)

Classic, race, high-performance, and veteran cars are hot commodities in the field of international car transport. So, shipping them across the world in containers has its risks and challenges. As they are vehicles of historical interest and high technological or nostalgic value, customers often worry that they're not suitable for container shipping. Thankfully, Trans-Rak has developed a range of racking solutions to address these concerns.

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Why Can’t Electric Cars Be Shipped By RoRo?

(18 March, 2022)

As the automotive industry makes the great shift to electric vehicles - or so the meteoric rise of Tesla and NIO in 2020 would have us believe - logistics businesses are finding themselves with a transportation headache. Traditional RoRo shipping simply doesn’t work for these vehicles, but why? And will it ever change?

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The Main Danger Of Inadequate Car Racking

(15 March, 2022)

An unsecured car in a shipping container risks being thrown about like a glass jar inside a shoebox, with similarly damaging results. This is why it is so important to use efficient, robust, and secure car racking when transporting your vehicles by shipping container.  

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Think Again Before You Next Use Wood In Container Shipping for Transporting Cars – Here's Why

(4 March, 2022)

Container shipping is a very efficient and cost-effective way to transport cars across large distances, but the topic of containerised shipping for cars is fraught with misconceptions. One of the greatest of these is the idea that wooden racking is the safest and most reasonable option for the automotive transport industry. In reality, there are far better alternatives out there than this costly and outdated option.

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Shipping Damaged Cars: How To Save Cars Involved In Accidents

(9 February, 2022)

Whether trying to save a precious vehicle or shipping parts, damaged cars are important cargo. Here’s what you need to know!

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How To Load 4 Cars In A Container Using The EL-RAK

(11 January, 2022)

An EL-RAK is one of the quickest and easiest ways to securely load up to four vehicles into a container. Here is a quick guide to how it’s done.

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How To Reduce Handling Time with Your International Car Shipments

(6 January, 2022)

The international car shipping sector is rife with misconceptions. For instance, many uphold the view that RORO is the gold standard for cautious and efficient vehicle transportation across continents. This may have once been the case, yet much has changed in the world of car transport, and there are innovations in this field that could easily outshine the RORO model, if given the chance. Trans-Rak's container racking systems are a clear example of the benefits of container shipping for cars, in terms of handling and safety.

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5 Technologies That Are Making Container Shipping More Sustainable

(16 December, 2021)

Container shipping and sustainability have had a fractious relationship. However, containerised transport is also seen as an answer to the carbon problem, and new technologies are injecting possibilities into an increasingly vital sector. Here are 5 developments that are making waves in the waters of sustainability.

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The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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