How To Load 4 Cars In A Container Using The EL-RAK

(11 January, 2022)

An EL-RAK is one of the quickest and easiest ways to securely load up to four vehicles into a container. Here is a quick guide to how it’s done.

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7 Advantages Of The New EL-RAK System

(5 January, 2022)

Trans-Rak International launches the new EL-RAK which is an exterior loading cassette system for loading all types of vehicles in any size of ISO shipping container. This new product compliments Trans-Rak’s existing racking systems, giving the customer complete choice of either loading inside the container or outside. This, along with the DL-RAK for loading cars along the floor of the container and SKD-RAK for loading bodies, completes a suite of products to meet any customer need.

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EL-RAK, R-RAK, or DL-RAK – Which Steel Racking System Do I Need?

(23 December, 2021)

With their space optimisation design, enhanced safety features, and extended usability, steel racking systems are the go-to option for containerised vehicle logistics. Although all our racks are defined by their versatility, using the right equipment for the specific need can improve efficiency and returns. Here’s an easy-read guide to our main products.

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How Do We Achieve Loading Four Cars Into One Container?

(1 December, 2021)

The EL-Rak is the natural evolution of the R-Rak. Using the same fundamental engineering principles, our latest rack is designed to enhance flexibility.

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Wood Vs Metal Racking: Why Metal Is A More Cost-Effective Option

(11 November, 2021)

High shipping costs are not the only consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. The cost of consumables and construction materials has also soared, with prices of wood, in particular, reaching exorbitant levels. Since the start of the pandemic, wood prices have skyrocketed – with some metrics suggesting increases of up to 700% - in part because disruption to supply chains has meant a significant shortfall in available resources.

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How The Used Vehicle Market Could Affect Global Logistics

(22 September, 2021)

When it comes to strategic planning, it helps to know what’s around the corner. Even during the pre-Covid days, the forecasts for the consumer vehicle market were complex and unpredictable. Back in 2019, Brexit and environmental concerns dominated the agenda of a future in which business would continue – it was assumed – more or less as usual, with a growing global market for new, eco-friendly cars. 

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DL-RAK Vs R-RAK – Which Car Storage Rack System Do You Need?

(9 September, 2021)

The engineered car storage rack systems pioneered by Trans-Rak offer an effective and sustainable alternative to temporary timber racking. Two of our most popular solutions are the R-RAK and the DL-RAK.

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How To Secure A Vehicle Inside A Shipping Container

(19 August, 2021)

Our Trans-Rak vehicle racking systems, such as the EL-RAK and the R-RAK, make container shipping an economical and sustainable choice for transporting vehicles.

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Can Electric Cars Be Transported By Roll-On-Roll-Off Ferries?

(5 August, 2021)

Electric cars are heralded as the future of transport. In November 2020, the UK announced that by the end of the decade, new petrol and diesel cars would be phased out entirely.

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The Benefits Of An External Loading Container Racking System

(22 July, 2021)

Internal-loading shipping container racking systems such as the R-RAK are perfect for transporting most vehicles, but what about sports cars, vintage vehicles, and cars that can’t drive under their own power? In certain cases, it may not be possible to drive a car onto an internal loading racking system, or it may be too risky to do so.

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