Burning Ships: Why RoRo Vessels Catch Fire

(1 December, 2023)

In January 2023 we published an article about the fire that took place on the RoRo vessel Midnight Sun while moored in port at Tacoma Washington, USA, in September 2022. With all credit due to the port authorities and the crew of the Midnight Sun, the blaze was put out quickly without injury or loss of life, and no cargo was being stored at the time.

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What Can Go Wrong If Cars Are Not Properly Secured On Route?

(6 November, 2023)

With money and business reputation at stake, it may come as a surprise that many cars shipped by shipping container are not adequately secured during transit.

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What If Cars Got Smaller?

(18 October, 2023)

Over the past 25 years, cars on British roads have got progressively larger, with an ongoing trend for making cars bigger for the UK market. The average car has not only increased in width but also in length, fuelled by the growing popularity of robust SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) among urban car owners.

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The Impact of Global Ro-Ro Capacity On Containerised Car Transport Trends

(10 May, 2023)

One of the main reasons that automotive logistics businesses cite for choosing Ro-Ro (roll on, roll off) transport over containerised shipping for finished vehicle logistics is that Ro-Ro is cheaper and easier to arrange due to the large availability of Ro-Ro vessels.

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Open Car Racking Vs Containerised Shipping – Which Is The Better Alternative To RoRo For Finished Vehicle Logistics?

(14 March, 2023)

Poor old RoRo shipping has taken quite a bit of flak on this blog and others over the past few years, for its deficiencies in long haul finished vehicle logistics (FVL) – especially between Far Eastern and European and American markets. While still a viable option for short haul shipments, generally speaking, RoRo has become more expensive, riskier, and – since last summer – more difficult to source than container shipping for FVL.

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What Are Scrubbers In Container Shipping And How Do They Reduce Emissions?

(7 March, 2023)

In an effort to reduce the environmental impact of shipping, many container shipping operations have been turning towards scrubbers as a means of reducing emissions. But what are scrubbers, and how do they help? Let’s take a look at the technology and its benefits.

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Exploring The Reasons Behind The Sudden Drop In Shipping Container Prices

(28 February, 2023)

Over the last year, shipping container prices have dropped significantly from their peak in early 2021. The decline came as a surprise to many in the logistics industry, who had expected prices to remain high and steady throughout 2022 and 2023. While the drop in shipping container prices is positive news for automotive logistics businesses, it’s worth exploring the reasons for the sudden decrease in rates. In this article, we’ll look at some of the reasons behind the shift.

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Ensuring Vehicle Safety With Steel Reusable Racks

(22 February, 2023)

Car racking is an integral part of containerised transport for car consignments overseas, but inadequate car racking can be dangerous and lead to damage to both the vehicle and the people handling it.

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5 Tips For Loading Cars Into Shipping Containers Safely And Efficiently

(21 February, 2023)

Car shipping containers provide a safe and secure way to transport cars and other vehicles around the world. However, without the right tools and racking system, loading a car into a container is no easy feat and can easily incur damage to the vehicle. Here are five tips to help you load your cars into containers safely and efficiently.

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Comparing RoRo And Containerised Car Transport – What You Need To Know

(15 February, 2023)

RoRo (Roll-on Roll-off) and containerised transport are two of the most popular forms of cargo transportation for consumer vehicles. They are both efficient, cost-effective, and have become industry standards for shipping cars to ports around the world. In this article, we re-cap the benefits and drawbacks of each form of transport.

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The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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