Why The World's Biggest EV Maker Is Getting Into Shipping

(22 May, 2024)

In the scheme of things, the lithium-ion batteries used by electric vehicles (EVs) are not large components. A typical 6 to 12 kWh battery used by a small EV weighs between 100 and 150 kg, and even the largest 60-100 kWh EV batteries rarely weigh more than 600 kg.

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What Counts As Misdeclared Cargo Onboard A RORO Ship?

(13 May, 2024)

Misdeclared cargo is a serious issue in the global shipping industry, affecting not only the safety of the vessel and crew but also disrupting supply chains and, in some cases, leading to significant financial losses.

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Trans-Rak's Contribution to Sustainable Transportation: Reducing Emissions and Carbon Footprint

(22 April, 2024)

According to the International Maritime Organisation, shipping emits approximately 1,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, constituting 3 per cent of global CO² emissions - a figure that is expected to rise by up to 50 per cent by 2050 unless strict countermeasures are taken. Optimising the use of container space when transporting vehicles is a positive way to reduce emissions and, at Trans-Rak, we are committed to helping your business to improve its reputation for sustainable practices.

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Trans-Rak's Commitment to Sustainability: Eco-Friendly Solutions for Vehicle Shipping

(16 April, 2024)


With the climate crisis showing no signs of abating, sustainability has become a prime concern across many global industries, particularly where the transportation of goods between countries and continents is concerned.

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Tips and Best Practices for Optimising Vehicle Loading and Unloading with Trans-Rak Racking Systems

(26 March, 2024)


Optimising vehicle loading and unloading is crucial to ensure efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. At Trans-Rak, our R-RAK and EL-RAK vehicle racking systems offer innovative solutions for the transportation of vehicles, but to maximise their benefits it is vital to observe attention to detail and adhere to best practices.

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The Future of Vehicle Transportation: Exploring Trans-Rak's Role in Advancing the Industry

(11 March, 2024)

For more than a quarter of a century, Trans-Rak has played an influential role in revolutionising the vehicle transport industry, devising and manufacturing advanced containerisation solutions that improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of vehicle shipping.

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Maximising Space And Cost Efficiency With Trans-Rak's Vehicle Racking Systems

(29 February, 2024)

When it comes to international containerised car transport, maximising space, reducing time expenditure, and optimising labour are key factors in reducing overheads and sustaining profitable supply chains. This is where our range of innovative vehicle racking systems can make a real difference.

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Trans-Rak: Bridge the new India-Middle East-Europe corridor, ship sustainably, and reach globally.

(22 February, 2024)

The 2023 G20 Leaders’ Summit, which took place in New Delhi, India, in September 2023, was a momentous occasion for the logistics sector – and one that could influence the future of international intermodal transport for decades to come.

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A Look At The Latest Innovations In Cargo Ship Firefighting Technology

(15 February, 2024)

In recent years, significant advancements in firefighting technology tailored for cargo ships have emerged, reshaping onboard fire safety and enhancing crew protection. These innovations play a crucial role in mitigating the risks associated with fires at sea. In this article, we'll explore some of the most notable developments in this field.

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The Transportation Of Electric Vehicles Simplified With R-Rak

(8 February, 2024)

Electric and hybrid cars have become a popular mode of consumer transport over recent years, with a growing number of drivers switching to a greener and more cost-effective choice of car.

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The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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