What Is A Car Racking System?

(31 August, 2017)

At Trans-Rak, we are the global market leaders for car racking systems, produced in association with our Chinese manufacturing partner Singamas. Our goal as a business is to make international car transport quicker, safer and more affordable. In this article we would like to get back to basics and describe what we mean by a car racking system, what the alternatives are and how our products differ from other car racking solutions.

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How Many Cars Go In A Container?

(24 August, 2017)

A question many businesses have when investigating the feasibility of car container transport is “how many cars will go in a shipping container?” This is often the million-dollar question, as a key consideration for all logistics businesses is their transportation cost per unit. The more cars you can fit in a container, the lower your shipping cost will be.

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Download Our New Free Guide to Containerised Car Transport

(17 August, 2017)

What is the reason that RoRo shipping has been the dominant form of car transportation for more than half a century? It is slow, with a restricted number of deep water ports you can embark from. It involves frequent changes from one mode of transport to another, and is fraught with the risk of damage and theft.

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How The R-Rak Offers Unparalleled Flexibility For Multi Vehicle Transport

(21 July, 2017)

We would like to propose a conundrum: How do you fit eight differently shaped cars into as few shipping containers as possible?

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Steel Car Racking Systems – The Alternative To Disposable Wooden Racking

(29 June, 2017)

Until recently, wooden racks were the cheapest and most effective way to increase the load capacity of vehicles in containerised shipment. Racking fitted to the container walls allows vehicles to be raised securely in transit. By taking advantage of both the roof and floor area, the capacity of each container can be doubled. Storage racks made of wood are widely used to achieve this, however innovation in steel racking solutions has created an efficient, safe and economical alternative.

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Cars In Containers - A Way Of Ensuring Safe, Secure Auto Transport

(8 June, 2017)

Containerising automobiles for long distance shipping isn't a brand new idea, but the system that we have created makes it more economical and risk free than ever before. While RORO shipping is still the industry standard, our racking system has many advantages for the bulk shipping of cars. In addition to creating many options for flexible shipping routes, shipping cars in containers is far safer than RORO shipping – so long as you use the appropriate racking solution.

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Why Containerisation Can Be The Best Car Shipping Method

(31 May, 2017)

Transporting cars with shipping containers offers some major benefits, and today this technology presents a viable option for shipping new vehicles worldwide. For a long time, the racking systems that were available for container based auto logistics were simply not able to compete with Roll On Roll Off (RORO) ships, that are the current industry standard. But now our container based racking systems are changing the way automotive transportation happens worldwide.

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How To Reduce Car Container Shipping Costs

(18 April, 2017)

Container shipping for cars is an attractive alternative to RoRo because it reduces the amount of handling and transfers needed throughout a journey. Container shipping costs are therefore lower in terms of damaged stock. However, shipping containers come with a serious capacity issue – they can only transport two or maybe three vehicles at a time. This can add up to higher per unit costs compared with RoRo, which is why container shipping isn’t extensively used in automotive logistics.

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Innovation In Automotive Racking Systems

(5 April, 2017)

Wooden racking systems are still a popular means of increasing the capacity of container shipping, despite their limitations. However, thanks to innovations in automotive racking systems, wooden constructs are no longer the only option. Steel racking systems have come to the fore, providing a secure and cost-efficient means to transport vehicles in shipping containers.

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5 Benefits Of Transporting Cars In Containers

(29 March, 2017)

The logistics provider you’re currently using are likely providing your company with plenty of benefits, not the least of which is having a specialist to handle all of the challenges involved with moving your vehicles. Indeed, your logistics providers may be saving your company a lot of time and money. However, are they keeping you as close to your product as you wish to be, and allowing you to have the control you want over the delivery process?

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