Why Is Containerisation The Best Car Shipping Method?

(31 May, 2017)

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Transporting cars with shipping containers offers some major benefits, and today this technology presents a viable option for shipping new vehicles worldwide.

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For a long time, the racking systems that were available for container based auto logistics were simply not able to compete with Roll On Roll Off (RORO) ships, that are the current industry standard. But now our container based racking systems are changing the way automotive transportation happens worldwide.

Here at Trans-Rak, we make innovative solutions for automotive transportation, which offer some significant advantages to logistics companies. While RORO shipping is still the most popular means of transporting automobiles, our R-Rack and SKD-Rack will give you pause for thought. In many cases your company will realise significant gains by cutting transit times, damage to product and losses? The costs involved with using our systems are less than other forms of container racking, and we have designed our products with the full logistical cycle in mind.

Potentially Lower Shipping Costs

While using a container racking system does require work up front to load the cars, once in the container, your transport options are much wider. You will be able to use just about any port that has the ability to lift a container onto a ship, as well as a wider variety of inland transit options. By taking advantage of the cheapest routes available, your company can easily offset the cost of loading and unloading the cars at every port.


RORO shipping is the most popular form of moving vehicles, but it is far from perfect. One of the biggest advantages that containerisation offers is the almost perfect safety record that our product has achieved. When it comes to moving cars around, the vast majority of damage is caused by humans. People aren't perfect, and when they are in contact with vehicles, accidents happen. Our system limits the amount of contact that people have with the cargo, and thus removes the chance of damage.

In addition to the potential damage that automobiles suffer at the hands of transit professionals, the risk of loss via theft in transit is comparatively high when using RORO. Because once containerised and secured the cargo looks like any other container, potential thievery is all but eliminated. Instead of having to guard the vehicles while in transit, or worry about mishandling, you can be sure that containerisation prevents most of the common problems with automotive logistics.

Faster Transit Times

Instead of having to plan your logistics around compatible deep water ports and RORO ships, your company can use the most efficient shipping lanes, saving time in transit and getting your product to market faster. This will allow you to take advantage container ships with a much lower berth than RORO ships. By cutting down the number of vehicle transfers in the supply chain, significant amounts of time will be saved.

Easy Interface With Inland Transportation

Containerisation is the clear winner when it comes to interfacing with inland multi-modal logistical systems. Once loaded into a standard shipping container, automobiles are easy to move using any of the logistical systems out there. RORO ships will require that you employ specially made rail carriages if you plan to use the railways to cover overland routes, and this adds cost as well as risk of damage in-transit. Containerisation lets you move seamlessly from ocean going vessel to a lorry, barge or rail connection.

Find Out More About Our Innovative Racking System

If you have any questions about how our racking system could revolutionise your logistics, please contact our technical sales team. We can be reached on +44 (0) 1926 408282, or via our contact page. For more information about how our racks work, please have a look at this video. Once you realise the level of value our products offer, your company will never go back to a RORO based logistical system.

For more information about containerised shipping and the alternatives, please click here to download our free Containerised Car Transport Guide.

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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