The Benefits Of An External Loading Container Racking System

(22 July, 2021)

What Equipment Do I Need To Set Up My EL-RAK Car Racking System

Internal-loading shipping container racking systems such as the R-RAK are perfect for transporting most vehicles, but what about sports cars, vintage vehicles, and cars that can’t drive under their own power? In certain cases, it may not be possible to drive a car onto an internal loading racking system, or it may be too risky to do so.

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

There are several circumstances in which the option to load your racking externally can save you time, and lower the risk of damage to your vehicles:

  • When there are insufficient trained personnel available to drive high value cargo into a shipping container, or the insurance costs of doing so are too high
  • When the vehicles are missing an engine or wheels, or are damaged in some way
  • When vehicles are shipped in an incomplete state
  • When the space in the container is too tight, or the vehicle too large, to risk driving it in
  • When there is insufficient space at portside to manoeuvre large numbers of vehicles safely
  • When you don’t have the time to drive vehicles into shipping containers individually
  • When the fit of the vehicles doesn’t allow for manual adjustments inside the shipping container.


Our External Loading Solutions


Our El (external loading)-RAK is a reusable steel racking system in which vehicles are secured to the racking before being manoeuvred into the shipping container – hence external loading. Loading up is straightforward as there is no need for the vehicles to be driven or lifted into place. The cassettes have wheels, meaning that they can be positioned neatly under the vehicle and the racking secured in place ready for transport via a forklift.


Once in place inside the container, the EL-RAK can be bolted into position for a secure fit. At the container’s destination, the racking and vehicles are removed by forklift as though they were palletised goods, for unloading or onward shipment.


The EL-RAK is designed for convenience and speed. Set-up, loading, and positioning can be completed in less than an hour, with no specialist knowledge and only minimal training required.


What Are The Benefits Of The El-RAK?


Like the R-RAK, the El-RAK is designed to fit all makes and models of vehicle. It comes with multiple adjustment options that allow mixed car consignments to be stowed in the same container. The angled design accommodates four cars comfortably inside a 40ft container, and up to six small vehicles in a 45ft container.


There are multiple benefits to opting for an external racking system such as the El-RAK.


  • The first is safety. The quality of the steel combined with the geometry of the design mean that vehicles are secured inside the additional security of the container, eliminating many of the hazards of overseas transport.


  • Each El-RAK comes with an impressive recovery rate, with each rack capable of being used and re-used for between seven and ten years, at which point they can be recycled.


  • Finally, when collapsed down, up to 45 El-RAK pods can be shipped in a 40ft container, an efficiency that greatly minimises repositioning costs.


What Next?


If you have vehicles that would benefit from a bespoke approach to transportation, Trans-Rak can help. For more information about the El-RAK, or about our other competitive solutions, give us a call today.

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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