How Multi Vehicle Racking Systems Save You Both Time And Money

(23 September, 2020)


Container shipping transport for cars is – in principle at least – as convenient for shipping vehicles around the world as it is for iPads, building supplies, and flat-pack furniture. Once driven into the container and secured, nothing else needs to be done until the disembarkation point. The sticking point is the cost of containerised car transport. With only a couple of vehicles fitting in each container, the cost of transport soon mounts up, making Ro-Ro a better option, despite the risks.

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

However, the development of multi vehicle racking systems has changed the game by lowering the cost of car container transport per unit – with the simple expedient of allowing each shipping container to store more vehicles. There are also significant time savings that make containerised car transport a more attractive option.

This article briefly explains how a multi-vehicle racking system – such as our R-RAK or EL-RAK solution – can save you time and money when transporting cars by shipping container.

Saves You Time

The time investment when shipping cars by container comes at the beginning, when cars are loaded, and at the end, when cars are unloaded. An efficient, multi vehicle racking system will save you time at both ends by simplifying the loading and unloading process. As these systems are designed specifically to accommodate multiple vehicles in the same container, you’ll find that loading four, five, or six cars doesn’t take substantially longer than it would to load two cars without a multi vehicle racking system in place.

Multi vehicle occupancy also allows for faster movements across your whole consignment, as you’ll be using fewer shipping containers. On larger consignments of 1,000 vehicles or more, the time savings on transfers and reduced handling start to really add up, making container shipping far more economically viable in fulfilling international car deliveries.

Saves You Money

The monetary equation is quite simple. Each shipping container you purchase or lease costs money, so the more vehicles you can fit in each container, the better value for money each container becomes, and the fewer you need. The shipping cost per unit goes down overall, which is often enough to give you greater flexibility in your consignment volumes and shipping options.

Greater Convenience And Flexibility

There’s one other thing we need to add. A multi vehicle racking system gives you far greater options than you would have if you were dependent on physically driving vehicles into each container. Using an external loading system, for instance, such as our EL-RAK, allows you to transport damaged, non-roadworthy or unfinished vehicles, often at 4 to 6 per container. It also means that electric and hybrid vehicles don’t have to have a charge when loaded in the container. You can secure them in the racking, with a flat battery, outside the container, and move them into place using a forklift. This also increases the security of electric vehicles in transit – they can’t simply be driven away if stolen.

The Right Move for Your Business

Reusable, multi vehicle racking systems have revolutionised automotive container transport, cutting shipping costs and for the first time making it a viable alternative to Ro-Ro shipping in terms of price and convenience. Find out more about how our market leading systems can shave money off your car transport consignments, while keeping your goods safe at each leg of the journey. Call Trans-Rak today on 01926 408282 (The number diverts to one of our remote working customer service and sales team), or click here to send us a message.

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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