What Can Go Wrong If Cars Are Not Properly Secured On Route?

(6 November, 2023)


With money and business reputation at stake, it may come as a surprise that many cars shipped by shipping container are not adequately secured during transit. This brings the risk of several issues – and underscores the importance of investing in a secure and reliable racking solution whenever you undertake containerised car transport. Let’s look at the main things that can go wrong:

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1. Damage to the poorly secured car

The most obvious and immediate concern is damage to the car itself. If a vehicle is not properly secured within its shipping container or on its racking, the vehicle can move around inside as the container is manoeuvred about, resulting in dents, broken windows and windscreens, scratches, and even more significant structural damage.

2. Damage to other cars/cargo in the container

A loose car in a shipping container can easily cause severe damage to other vehicles and cargo, or to the shipping container itself, incurring additional costs for repairs or replacement of damaged assets.

3. Safety hazards

Inadequately secured vehicles can become safety hazards during transit. If a container is jostled or tipped during loading or unloading, for instance, the car could potentially break free and cause injury to workers or bystanders nearby.

4. Delays in transit

If a car shifts noticeably during transit, it may require the shipping container to be opened and the vehicle readjusted and re-secured, leading to delays in the shipping process.

5. Increased insurance premiums

If your vehicles are damaged due to inadequate security safeguards during containerised transport, then it will increase your risk profile with insurers and could lead to higher insurance premiums for future consignments.

6. Damaged business reputation

Logistics businesses make their money on trust. Manufacturers and dealerships trust you to ship their goods from A to B in good condition, without unexpected losses from damage. Failing to do this could impact your reputation with your target market, causing you to lose valuable customers.

The solution: modern reusable racking solutions from Trans-Rak

The solution to the issues caused by inadequately secured cars is simple. It pays to invest in a high-quality reusable racking system designed specifically for containerised car transport, such as the racks from Trans-Rak. The racks can be installed and manoeuvred into place with minimal equipment and training and can be adjusted to accommodate any size of shipping container and make of vehicle. 

With an average lifespan of over 10 years, each rack can be reused hundreds of times, quickly repaying its investment and saving you the risk, frustration, and expense of damaged vehicles from insecure storage.

To find out more, please contact one of our racking specialists today by calling 01926 40 82 82.

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