How Can Container Racking Reduce Your Overseas Car Shipping Costs?

(13 September, 2021)

How Can Container Racking Reduce Your Overseas Car Shipping Costs

Cutting overseas vehicle shipping costs can unlock new opportunities and ensure that companies thrive in even the harshest economic climates.

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

When it comes to the international automotive industry, few moves are as strategically smart as switching to containerised transport with steel container racking. Here's what you need to know.


Make The Most Of The Space


The latest reusable racks have an adjustable design that potentially doubles every shipping container's occupancy. With each container holding 4-6 cars, your shipping costs per unit decrease dramatically.


Pick Your Port


Many busy, shallow-water ports are closed to deep-hulled RORO ferries, limiting your embarkation options and adding days or even weeks to each journey. In contrast, container ships can dock almost anywhere, allowing you to pick and choose from the fastest, cheapest, and most convenient shipping routes.


Save On Journey Time


At sea, time is money. Cumbersome RORO journeys can involve multiple points of change, dragging out the days as expenses mount. Container ships glide along in the fast lane, completing global voyages at an impressive pace. Transporting goods from Japan to the UK via container ship, for example, can be achieved in just 38 days.


Easily Transportable


Racking solutions such as our R-RAK fold down into neat, tidy pods. Up to 60 can be transported in a single container, meaning that moving the racks from A to B on the return journey is both cheap and reliable.


A Long-Term Investment


High-quality steel racks provide an excellent lifetime ROI. The combination of tensile strength and durability enables each rack to be used and re-used for between seven and ten years.


Save On Insurance


If there's one thing that steel racking solutions guarantee, it's safety. Racks produced by Trans-Rak have a 100% success rate with ensuring that vehicles arrive at their destination undamaged. This puts a smile on the face of any insurance agent.


Cut Employment Costs


Once trained, four operatives can safely load or unload four cars in under an hour, saving on staffing costs while getting the job done quickly.


Find Out More


Steel racking solutions from Trans-Rak can make a significant difference to your transportation costs and returns. For more detailed information, get in touch with one of our racking specialists today.

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

Image source: Unsplash

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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