The Benefits Of Using Car Racking Systems For Your Shipping Business

(10 May, 2022)


For international logistics and automotive shipping companies, transportation options have for a long time been limited. Containerisation is the dominant means of international freight generally, but it has been harder to implement for vehicles, whether for new products or end of life transit. However, the introduction of the R-RAK reusable automotive racking system has allowed efficient and cost-effective transport of vehicles for both the consumer market and scrappage.

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

Traditional Car Transportation Options

International car transportation is changing. For many years, logistics companies have relied on RORO (roll-on, roll-off) shipping to transport cars across the globe. Cars were driven on and off specifically designed ships and transferred individually to trucks or trains. This is still the case for many short haul overseas journeys. However, RORO car shipping has limitations and specific port requirements, typically requiring deep water and shore-based ramps for the vehicles. What's more, the number of transfer points renders the voyage much less efficient for trans-global consignments and puts the transported vehicles at greater risk of damage.


Containers vastly simplify logistics by providing a unitised cargo handling system that can be stacked, stored, loaded, and unloaded without content-specific facilities. This allows a wider range of port destinations. Containers are easily transferred between ships, trucks, and rail, providing a much more efficient transfer of cargo between shipping methods, with less damage and lower costs.

However, for a long time, containerisation had not been a viable option for vehicle transportation. It can be difficult to secure cars within containers. Car shipping racks made from wood are one option, but they are inherently fragile and wasteful, often being discarded after a single use. They also do not easily adapt to different vehicle sizes and have limited capacity, rendering the process somewhat inefficient and incapable of handling large numbers.

R-RAK Automotive Racking

The introduction of our R-RAK in 2012 changed these calculations. This metal racking system is adaptable and efficient, allowing all the benefits of containerisation for car transportation. Where wooden racking systems could allow a maximum of only one or two extra vehicles per container, R-RAKs can enable the stowage of four to six cars in a 40ft container.

The racking system is easy to install and adaptable for a range of different vehicles. It improves health and safety standards by reducing the need for manual wooden rack construction. Because of the reduction of car movement at transfer points, vehicle damage is reduced, less time is required and costs are minimised.

Find Out More

To find out more about containerised car transport and the applications of our R-RAK, please download a free copy of our Containerised Car Transport Guide by [clicking here].

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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