Why We Offer A 3D Simulation Of Our Multi-Vehicle Racking Solutions

(14 December, 2017)

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If you run an automotive business and need to transfer vehicles on a consistent basis by shipping container, you need effective vehicle racking solutions in place. To make container shipping economically viable, it is important to employ a reliable multi vehicle racking solution that can transport three or more cars within a single container. However, not all solutions are created equal, and there are different ways of using racking – some more cost effective than others.

Why We Use 3-D Simulation

To help our customers get the best value for money we employ bespoke 3-D simulation software to arrive at the best configuration for each consignment. Our goal is to enable you to use the fewest shipping containers and racks as possible, while maintaining the highest level of security and stability within the container.

Software & Hardware

There are several advantages to using 3-D simulation and modelling. In theory, you can use the software to map out a journey using any type of racking. However, our R-Rak is uniquely suitable to such modelling, due to its flexibility. The simple modular architecture of the R-Rak can be modified to accommodate any type of vehicle consignment, making it easy to apply the solutions arrived at by the software.

Used in conjunction with 3-D simulation, our racking solutions can be employed in a variety of ways. Whatever the nature of your consignment, we can find a solution. For instance, our SKD-Rak is specially designed to accommodate damaged cars, which may not be as easy to secure to standard racking in the required volumes.

Accurate Quotations

3-D simulation software allows our customers to quickly see the different ways in which vehicle racking solutions can be employed. There is usually more than one solution to a given problem. The software will suggest a number of solutions, from which you can choose the most suitable for your needs.

Approaching each logistics challenge in this way ensures that our quotes are always accurate, individualised and closely fitted to your needs.

Optimising Weight & Storage Space

3-D modelling can also help you make optimum use of the available space in a container. By programming in your outcomes and looking at the total numbers and types of vehicles you need to transport, we may be able to approach the problem in creative ways that aren’t available if you look at racking on a container by container basis. Many customers find that the simulations allow them to cut back on the number of containers they use, significantly reducing overall costs.

Bespoke Service

The use of 3-D simulation software allows us to provide a bespoke service that is unique among our competitors. We can prepare racking solutions that are uniquely suited to our customers and which can be adapted to multiple needs. Our innovative racking systems can be used time and again for different vehicle consignments, giving you a higher ROI from each investment and streamlining your vehicle logistics.

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

More information about container shipping, including the benefits of different racking systems, can be found in our Containerised Car Transport Guide, a free resource which can be downloaded by clicking here.

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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