Why it's Time to Move Away from Wooden Racking Altogether

(17 August, 2016)

‘New’ wooden cassette style vehicle racking not as green as it could be

While we applaud the packaging award won for the Skoda Expendable Chassis and its ability to get more space out of a container thereby requiring fewer journeys and thus reducing carbon emissions, it’s still not a sustainable option.

At Trans-Rak we have dedicated ourselves to the development of steel constructed vehicle racking which can be used time and again to replace wooden racks which are discarded and then burnt after a single use.

The environmental case

The environmental benefits of switching from wood to steel is set out in this extract of a study by Loughborough University:

Wooden options are also not as robust nor as flexible as steel because they are not built for different modes of transport i.e. rail. Unlike steel you can’t test wood to find its yielding point and therefore it cannot be certified for safety in the event of a shunt.

Certified & tested

Trans-Rak racking on the other hand is fully certified, maximises the space in a standard 40ft container with enough room for 4-5 cars & parts; plus on the return journey the racks can be dismantled and packed neatly away in the container.

Being cleverly designed, Trans-Rak is quick to assemble affording speedier and easier loading and unloading of both finished and semi knock down vehicles.

Steel represents true progress

Isn’t it time to improve efficiency and sustainability in automotive logistics and move away from wood altogether?

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