Trans-Rak Success in China

(4 March, 2015)

How To Save Money With Multi-Vehicle Racking Systems

Trans-Rak's re-useable racking systems for transporting finished vehicles in containers, have attracted strong interest from visitors to a recent exhibition promoting the Chongqing Freight Container station, which will eventually become the largest in-land container station in the world.

The R-Raks were demonstrated at Chongqing by Tianjin Binhai TEDA Logistics Group (TBLT), who confirmed that the market leading systems received excellent feedback.

Yao Lui of TBLT said: “We met with great success in Chongqing with the R-Raks, which we know to be reliable equipment for transporting cars in containers and which have been proven to decrease costs."

To demonstrate the capability of R-Raks TBLT loaded 4 substantially sized cars into a container - a Changan CS35, a Lifan 530, a Changan Eado and a Ford Mustang. They report that this impressed visitors, including important members of the Chongqing government and a number of attending OEMs.

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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