Trans-Rak Challenges Innovation Claims

(19 August, 2016)

When Paul Donaldson spots the word ‘innovation’ being applied to a so called revolutionary new method of transporting vehicles, those making the claim must be prepared to present a robust argument to prove the case.

One such ‘innovator’ is VUCAframe® a stackable steel frame which takes three cars per layer and enables six cars to fit into the same space as a standard ISO shipping container.

“While I can see the design of the frame works for storage & display purposes, it is completely impractical for the transportation of vehicles. Firstly it would not meet regulations as there is simply not enough clearance between the top of the car and the frame. If the average height of the frames is less than 1.5m you may be able to get away with low profile sports cars but certainly not large saloons, SUVs, people carriers and 4 x 4 vehicles that require 1.6-1.8m headroom?

“I also take issue with the promise of reduced damage to the vehicles - the open sided construction provides absolutely no protection from the elements nor the loading equipment or any other hazards in transit.

“And finally there is no getting away from the fact that the container is the international envelope and there is not a safer, more secure multimodal method of transporting cargoes such as cars than containerisation.”

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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