SWIFT Maximises Growth of Sino-Russian Multimodal Route

(16 February, 2016)

As demand for Chinese cars in Russia increases, being able to deliver the finished vehicles in the shortest time possible is a real advantage. That is why SWIFT Transport International Logistics has ordered an additional 60 R-Raks from Trans-Rak International.

Since 2014 the Chinese automotive logistics specialist has been utilising the removable vehicle racking system to fit more cars into containers and transport them via overland rail routes in just over three weeks, which is half the time it would take by sea passage.

As well boosting business, R-Raks enable SWIFT to provide excellent service to their customers. The secure racking protects the cars during transit so that they arrive in perfect condition; while the flexibility of the design optimises container space to keep down freight costs.

Paul Donaldson, Trans-Rak’s MD comments: “Vehicle racking is making all the difference to logistics firms looking to maximise their services in emerging markets. More and more logistics providers are recognising the advantage of significantly shorter shipping times on the Sino-Russian route, as well as benefiting from reduced freight costs with zero damages.”

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