Simple, Flexible And Multi-Purpose Automotive Racking Systems

(30 November, 2017)

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Finished vehicle Logistics includes enough variables and complications without a container racking system being one of them. From feedback we have had from dozens of logistics professionals, the three things businesses look for in a racking system are simplicity, flexibility and reusability. In this article we would like to take the opportunity to explain how our racking solutions take all three requirements into account.

By using a steel racking system such as our R-Rak range, you can avoid the risks of having to use roll on, roll off shipping, and radically decrease the cost of container transport.

We offer a range of racking products, each one innovative in its own way. They’re also easy to use, reusable, safe and reliable.

Modular Steel Construction

We use specially engineered, lightweight steel for our R-Rak automotive racking systems, one of the reasons why over 50 well-known worldwide companies choose to use them. Using a simple modular design means that our car racking systems are not fixed; they’re flexible. The R-Rak can be adapted to whatever the specifications needed are. Small cars, big cars, vans, even tractors - they can all be safely stored, racked and transported, without issue.

And because we use steel, our automotive racking systems can be used over and over again. They’re strong and durable. They’re also easy to use, which is a huge plus... A system that is simple makes an enormous difference to your final costs; time is saved, the staff are happy, cars are safe and ultimately - the client is delighted.

By using a car racking system made of steel, with a very smart design and the latest technology, the R-Rak can be used for several different purposes: stacking cars, storing cars and transporting cars in shipping containers. All of this can be done quickly, efficiently and without damage to the products. 

Make Containerised Car Transportation Cost Effective

Reusable steel racking has made container transportation cost-effective for vehicles. With racking, a container is able to transport more cars at the same time. Certified, tested, metal racking has increased safety standards whilst reducing the logistics cost of getting the cars to the final delivery point. Transporting cars on long distance journeys has always been problematic in the past, due to the many transactions, handlings, and transitions; each increasing the risk of accidental damage, vandalism or theft. 

Our automotive racking systems have reduced the number of transactions and handling significantly. What is more, the R-Rak is adaptable enough to be adjusted to accommodate any type of vehicle consignment, including multiple vehicles of different types within the same container. Rather than transporting two vehicles, each container can now be adapted to stow 4-6 cars, slashing the cost of container shipping.

Your car gets touched at the beginning of its journey when it is stowed in the container and then again at the end of its journey. Between those times, they are safe and secure and will not get damaged. The container itself may be moved by crane multiple times; from ship to dock, from dock to train, from train to lorry etc. – without the vehicles being affected in the slightest. 

What This Means For You

What does this mean for you, as an automotive logistics business? It means that you are completely assured of your cars arriving safely at their end point. You can be assured that the client on the other end is going to be delighted and will therefore return to you for further business. Furthermore, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from a tried and tested racking solution as well as reducing your overall expenses from goods damaged in transit – as this risk is insignificant when using our system for car containerisation.

Our Free Guide To Vehicle Logistics

So, what should you do next? To start with, pick up the phone or tap out an email and get in touch with our team. Chat to us about your needs and what you need to be transported. We can design you a bespoke racking solution and issue you with a free, no obligation quote. Our team are experienced logistics professionals and are fully qualified to help you source the most cost-effective solution for your cars.

We've also written a free e-book: The Containerised Car Transport Guide, which you can download by clicking here. The e-book includes sections on different racking systems, the advantages and disadvantages of container transport, the risk associated with Ro-Ro, and other topics.

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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