Fighting Back Against Covid: New Transport Options When RoRos Let You Down

(26 August, 2021)

Fighting Back Against Covid

Cancelled ferries, overbooking, routes changing at the last minute… Covid-19 has created stormy seas for the RoRo industry.

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Thankfully, according to the Financial Times, containerised shipping has shown “surprising resilience” throughout the crisis and ongoing recovery. Here’s why you should be making the most of the calmer waters that containerisation offers:


Plain Sailing


Excluding pharmaceutical and PPE manufacturers, there were few outright winners in 2020. It was a year that brought historic mayhem to industries across the world, and which rendered standard business logic obsolete. However, one unlikely success story has been transpacific containerised shipping. Discussing one of the many new expediated routes launched in 2020 – a feisty new sea lane that speeds from China to LA in just two weeks - shipping company Zim explains: “We identified a need. This need grew due to the virus.”

According to the Financial Times, the result is a shipping industry that is healthier than ever, and which is transforming the motorways of the sea into streamlined superhighways.


Optimising Transoceanic Logistics


Containerised transport is thriving, but optimising it for the transportation of vehicles is crucial. Loading one or two cars per container rarely makes financial sense, especially when much more budget-friendly systems are available. For instance, high-tensile steel racking systems from Trans-Rak can ensure that up to four vehicles can be safely and securely loaded into a single container, maximising the useable volume. For a return journey, the same racks can be folded down into easily transportable pods that can be packed into one container to minimise cost.

For high volume logistics businesses shipping vehicles across long distance oceanic routes, the containerised solution is both efficient and cost-effective, helping bring a dose of predictability to unpredictable times.


Choice And Versatility


Covid might be new, but solutions to work around the chaos caused by the virus are not. High quality shipping container steel racking systems have been in development for over two decades. As such, they are tried, tested, and have evolved in response to industry needs. Therefore, at Trans-Rak we offer a wide selection of racks that cater for different vehicular needs. These include the R-RAK, which is fitted inside the container prior to vehicle loading, as well as the EL-RAK and DL-RAK, which enable external loading in cases where docks or stations are narrow, or if vehicles are incapable of being driven. We also have comprehensive solutions for dismantled vehicles, and have extensive experience in the transportation of vehicles with atypical chassis, such as race cars.    

Whatever your vehicle transportation requirement, there is a no-nonsense and reliable high-grade rack to suit your needs.


Find Out More


If the current unpredictability of RoRo shipping is disrupting your business plans, the stability of containerised transport might be the answer. For more information, get in touch with our technical sales team.

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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