Engineering Stars of the Future

(5 May, 2015)


The creative minds of the team at Loughborough University are progressing well with the task of applying their thinking to make Trans-Rak vehicle racking systems even better and so we decided to introduce them to you.

Aron Pye, Becky Grant, David Sharpe, David Wellbeloved and Max Coleman are from a mix of different degree courses including Product Design Engineering, Innovative Manufacturing Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering and all hail from the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering School at Loughborough:

Heading up the team is Leila Sheldrick, Lecturer in Product Design Engineering who has a particular involvement in the sustainability aspect of the project – the benefits of metal racking versus traditional wood - examples of dedicated sustainability research projects previously undertaken can be found here:

The next stage of the project is to hold a group brainstorming session to come up with design improvement ideas to point the way to how Trans-Rak vehicle racking systems will look in the near future.

The Trans-Rak team awaits the results with a great degree of anticipation.

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