Cars In Containers - A Way Of Ensuring Safe, Secure Auto Transport

(8 June, 2017)

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Containerising automobiles for long distance shipping isn't a brand new idea, but the system that we have created makes it more economical and risk free than ever before. While RORO shipping is still the industry standard, our racking system has many advantages for the bulk shipping of cars. In addition to creating many options for flexible shipping routes, shipping cars in containers is far safer than RORO shipping – so long as you use the appropriate racking solution.

Here at Trans-Rak we know there are still many misconceptions that surround containerising automobiles for transport, but today we work with some of the world’s leading car manufacturers to move their products with an unparalleled level of safety.

The Trans-Rak Innovation

When we started conceptualising our racking systems, we knew that functionality had to come first. We designed our racks to be easy to install in any standard ISO High-Cube container, and depending on the size of your vehicles, you will be able to accommodate 2, 3, 4 or more cars per container.

Our racks are made from high strength, corrosion resistant SPA-H steel and can be reused dozens of times with minimal – if any – maintenance requirement. This will allow your company to safely ship cars using multi-modal transport routes to anywhere in the world, and never have to deal with all the dangers inherent with RORO shipping.

Why Containerising Is Safer

Using our racks removes a number of logistical pitfalls from your transport equation. Once the cars have been locked into place in the racks, they will not have to be moved again until they reach their destination. This makes them immune to environmental factors such as rain, snow, dust, bird lime, sun bleaching, as well as reducing the risk from human error.

Our racks keep your automobiles out of sight, and once loaded a container with cars inside looks the same as any other container. This makes loss via theft extremely unlikely, and it also makes sure that your automobiles aren't subject to any kind of bumps, scrapes, impacts or weather damage.

The risk of human error is also eliminated, as there is no need for your vehicles to be driven on and off ships and transporters. This cuts the chance of stock being damaged through accidents, while also minimising wear and tear and fuel use during transport.

Secure Shipping Saves Money

Our racking technology all but eliminates the risk of damage in transit, this creates added value for companies that adopt our system. Damage to products in transit is just money down the drain, so when you choose to use our racking system your company will be saving both time and money.

Our racks are perfect for bridging the gap between sea and inland transport, and your cars will be able to effortlessly change from one form of transportation to another without the risk of damage. It is simply a matter of lifting the containers by crane and then securing them in place. This sort of advantage simply isn't possible with RORO shipping, so it's no surprise that once companies switch over to our products they tend to continue using containerisation.

Innovative Shipping Solutions

The world of automotive logistics hasn't changed much for a long time, but today Trans-Rak is making some waves in the sector. Our racking products mark a major change in how companies think about automotive logistics, and we are glad to be the impetus for positive change. If you would like to learn more about how our products expand the possibilities for containerised shipping, please give us a call on +44 (0) 1926 408282 for more information. More information can also be found in our Containerised Car Transport Guide, which can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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