Autobox Successfully Trial EL-RAK For London-Auckland Vehicle Shipping

(6 September, 2018)

Case Study -Successful Volvo XC60 EL-RAK Trial

Are you familiar with the iconic R-RAK, but curious about the other racks that we offer? The EL-RAK is one of our favourites, and Autobox agree.

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

The idea of the EL-RAK is to give you complete control over the way that container space is used, meaning that different combinations of vehicles can be easily loaded. As the picture shows, this offers excellent flexibility. EL-RAKs can safely carry vehicles weighing up to 3000 kg, and – due to their sleek, clean design - have an unbeatable return rate of up to 105 vehicles worth of racking in each 40ft HC container.

Shipping from London to Auckland with Extreme Global, Autobox managed to use the EL-RAK’s capacity for multiple vehicle combinations to increase their container efficiency, therefore reducing their operating costs. With their company promise of quality, dedication, and innovation, it’s wonderful news that Autobox have been able to keep clients smiling with the EL-RAK. If you’d like to discuss your own shipping requirements please give us a call.

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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