5 Top Tips For Loading Cars Into Containers

(26 October, 2021)


It goes without saying that Trans-Rak steel framed car racking systems for containerised transport are the starting point for safe, secure and efficient transport. Although the great benefit of using the Trans-Rak system is optimising the payload within shipping containers, this is not the priority when loading vehicles.

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

The priorities are:

  • Vehicles are properly and safely restrained inside the container
  • No damage to the vehicles during the loading procedure
  • Unloading to be made easy and safe

Experience has taught us that some basic steps go a long way to ensuring that every load arrives safely and undamaged:

1) Allow Time For Safe And Damage Free Loading

Allowing ample time for careful loading is the first rule. Accidents happen when things are rushed. When using the Trans-Rak R-RAK system for finished vehicles, it takes just under one hour to load and lash four cars inside a 40 foot container. That provides some indication of timings and can also highlight the number of resources required to complete a full loading exercise.

2) Have All Accessories And Parts To Hand Before Commencing Operations

It makes sense to count and check all the component parts required before loading any car. That includes not only the R-RAK steel frame elements but also accessories such as Lashings, Wheel Chocks and Grab Chains.

3) Double Check That Every Vehicle Is Properly Lashed And Chocked

While using the R-RAK system is easy to master, it is important to take the same degree of care with every vehicle and not allow familiarity to breed complacency. This applies especially to visually checking every individual securing mechanism to ensure that it has been utilised correctly and is indeed properly secured.

4) External And Driverless Loading Options For Damage Free Loading

See our latest innovation - the EL-RAK. This new External Loading option enables vehicles to be mounted onto wheeled cassettes outside the container. The loaded EL-RAK is then loaded into the container using a forklift. Amongst its many features and benefits, the EL-RAK:

  • Suits all makes, models and vehicle combinations
  • Works with any container size

We have also developed a Driverless Loading method called the DL-RAK. This is perfect for wide vehicles because it allows them to be loaded externally without the need to walk past the vehicle or open a door.

5) Maximise The Internal Space Usage

The basis for space optimisation is the flexibility of the Trans-Rak system and the choice of variations depending on the type of vehicles being containerised. The basic system is perfect for loading and storing roadworthy cars. There is another variation designed specifically for Knocked Down Vehicles (SKD and BIB) called the SKD-RAK. It enables such vehicles with no propulsion capability or wheels to be easily and safely loaded into any container. SKD-RAK is customised to your requirements at the manufacture stage.

Our Containerised Transport Guide

We have put together a short but comprehensive guide that explains how the Trans-Rak system makes absolute sense for containerised car transport. Download your free Containerised Car Transport Guide that covers topic such as how to save money and handling while ensuring safe and secure transport, and many others.

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

The Containerised Car Transport Guide

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