Trans-Rak Challenges Innovation Claims

(19 August, 2016)

When Paul Donaldson spots the word ‘innovation’ being applied to a so called revolutionary new method of transporting vehicles, those making the claim must be prepared to present a robust argument to prove the case.

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Why it's Time to Move Away from Wooden Racking Altogether

(17 August, 2016)

‘New’ wooden cassette style vehicle racking not as green as it could be

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R-Raks Pack 4 x 4 x 4

(21 July, 2016)

Korean car maker SsangYong is the latest manufacturer to identify R-Rak vehicle racking as the best way to maximise container space for its Tivoli 4 x 4 crossover.

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Trans-Rak Broadens Range for Pallet-Wide

(31 May, 2016)

Trans-Rak has revolutionised cars in containers with its patented vehicle racking solution R-Rak and has now responded to demands of customers dealing in containers of different sizes with the introduction of a new product, the completely width-adjustable R-Rak Pallet-Wide.

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Eco Racking Solution for Eco Car Shipment

(25 May, 2016)

Car handling specialists Marlog used 300 sets of Trans-Rak’s sustainable* reusable R-Rak vehicle racking system for a major shipment of brand new zero emission BMW i3s.

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World-Changing Vehicle Racking

(20 May, 2016)

It’s a startling fact that finished vehicles are the last product in the world to be containerised for shipment across the globe. So when Paul Donaldson looked at the traditional way of constructing vehicle racking with ‘wood, string and nails’ he knew he had to come up with an alternative if it was to be done properly.

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Wooden Racking is Outmoded

(1 April, 2016)

A highly informative article featuring great cars and how to protect them in transit can be found here. Many would be surprised and concerned about the use of outmoded wooden racking - from the point of view of those troublesome nails posing a threat to the paintwork; not to mention the issue of sustainability and simple economics.

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GEFCO Trials Silk Road Route for BMW with support from Trans-Rak

(18 March, 2016)

Global automotive logistics provider GEFCO is undertaking trials on behalf of BMW to assess the reliability, lead times and quality control of a ‘Silk Road’ solution for transporting cars in containers by rail from Europe to China.

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SWIFT Maximises Growth of Sino-Russian Multimodal Route

(16 February, 2016)

As demand for Chinese cars in Russia increases, being able to deliver the finished vehicles in the shortest time possible is a real advantage. That is why SWIFT Transport International Logistics has ordered an additional 60 R-Raks from Trans-Rak International.

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ATK Rates R-Raks for Speed and Zero Damage

(11 February, 2016)

A major Russian automotive logistics provider has cut transit times between Wuhan and Moscow by more than half, shipping cars in containers overland and utilising the flexible R-Rak system from Trans-Rak to optimise loading.

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